28th International Conference of ADI Presentations

Dementia: Action for Global Change

This page brings together some of the presentations from the conference (in PDF format).

Programme book and abstracts:

Plenary sessions

Challenges for the Global Health System

Prevention and Risk Factors in Dementia

Quality of Life for People with Dementia and Carers

Nutrition and Oral Care in Dementia

A Cure for Alzheimer's Disease by 2025? (debate)


Parallel sessions

Behaviour and Psychology of Dementia (parallel session 17)

Dementia Care and Technology (parallel session 13)

Dementia Care in Chinese Culture: Thought and Practice (in Chinese) (parallel session 24)

Dementia Diagnosis (parallel session 16)

Dementia Friendly Communities (parallel session 14)

Dementia Prevention and Risk Factors (parallel session 7)

Epidemiology of Dementia (parallel session 1)

Living with Dementia (parallel session 2)

New and Future Treatments (parallel session 6)

Non Pharmacological Interventions (parallel session 22)

Person Centered Care (parallel session 9)

Policy and Campaigning (parallel session 12)

Public Health Initiatives (parallel session 8)

Share the Experiences of Chinese Family Caregivers for Dementia (in Chinese) (parallel session 19)

Support and Training for Informal and Professional Carers (parallel session 3)

Support, Training and Education (parallel session 18)

Quality of Life (parallel session 4)

Voices of People with Dementia and Families (parallel session 23)


Symposium and ADI Workshops

ADI Workshop - ADI World Reports: Tools for Awareness and Action

ADI Workshop - Managing and Establishing Alzheimer Association Branches

Special Symposium - Acute Care of Olders Persons with Dementia

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