Call for new policy focus on brain health to reduce the risk of dementia

Blackfriars Consensus Statement calls for new national focus to reduce risk of developing dementia

Alzheimer's Disease International was one of 59 organisations and experts from across the dementia and public health community, including practitioners and researchers, to have signed a statement highlighting the need for a new policy focus on dementia risk reduction.

The agreement, known as the Blackfriars Consensus Statement, was drawn up following a meeting held earlier this year by the UK Health Forum and Public Health England in Blackfriars, London, and its publication was accompanied by a correspondence in The Lancet.

The Statement notes that the scientific evidence on dementia risk reduction is evolving rapidly and is now sufficient to justify action to incorporate dementia risk reduction into health policies and to raise wider awareness about which factors can reduce the risk of developing dementia.

The World Alzheimer Report to be published in September 2014 will feature a global review of the evidence for the existence of modifiable risk factors for dementia and make recommendations to drive public health campaigns and disease prevention strategies.

June 2014 Update: Five UK ministers have also signed the Blackfriars Consensus Statement, including Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, UK Secretary of State for Health.

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