33rd International Conference of ADI - Presentations

This page brings together some of the presentations (in PDF format) from our conference in Chicago, USA in July 2018.

Programme and Abstracts

International and national policy (plenary 1)

Scientific progress (plenary 2)

Technology, innovation and entrepreneurship (plenary 3)

Care in dementia (plenary 4)

Psychosocial interventions (plenary 5)

Awareness and stigma (parallel 1)

Acute and palliative care (parallel 2)

International and regional policy (parallel 3)

Rights of people with dementia (parallel 4)

Diagnosis, treatment and research (parallel 5)

Women and dementia (parallel 6)

Well-being and quality of life (parallel 7)

Diverse populations - inclusion and equality (parallel 8)

Inappropriate medication and registries (parallel 9)

Dementia friendly communities - A (parallel 10)

Innovation showcase (parallel 11)

Arts and dementia (parallel 12)

National dementia policy: Asia Pacific (parallel 13)

Models of care (parallel 14)

Prevention (risk reduction and risk factors) (parallel 15)

Technology, innovation and entreprenuership (parallel 16)

Consumer experience, lifestyle and nutrition (parallel 17)

Youth and dementia (parallel 18)

Engaging people living with dementia and care partners (parallel 19)

Epidemiology (parallel 20)

Dementia friendly communities - B (parallel 22)

Education and training of the workforce (parallel 23)

Psychosocial interventions (parallel 24)

Environment and technology (parallel 25)

Carer support and training (parallel 26)

Younger onset dementia (parallel 27)

ADI workshop - fundraising 

DAI workshop - Responding to the Global Dementia Action Plan

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