32nd International Conference of ADI - Presentations

This page brings together some of the presentations (in PDF format) from our conference in Kyoto, Japan in April 2017.

Programme and Abstracts

Global Aspects of Dementia (plenary 1)

Equity and Access in Dementia Care (plenary 2)

The Latest Science in Dementia (plenary 3)

Dementia and Disaster (plenary 4)

Early Onset Dementia (plenary 6)

Dementia Friendly Communities (plenary 5)

Diagnosis and Imaging (parallel 1)

Dementia policies and public policy initiatives (parallel 2)

Education and training of the workforce (parallel 3)

Environment and design (parallel 4)

Dementia Friendly Communities 1 (parallel 5)

Risk factors and healthy ageing (parallel 6)

Alliances and social systems for dementia (parallel 7)

Non-pharmacological interventions (parallel 8)

Awareness and stigma (parallel 9)

Person centred care (parallel 10)

New treatments and methodologies (parallel 11)

Human rights and ethical issues (parallel 12)

Models of care (parallel 13)

Technology and dementia (parallel 14)

Dementia Friendly Communities 2 (parallel 15)

Epidemiology (parallel 16)

Care coordination and collaboration (parallel 17)

Health Economics (parallel 18)

Community engagement and collaboration (parallel 19)

Sexuality and Dementia (parallel 20)

Scientific topics in dementia (parallel 21)

Carer support and training (parallel 22)

Rehabilitation and enablement (parallel 23)

Engaging people with dementia (parallel 24)

End of Life (parallel 25)