31st International Conference of ADI - Presentations

This page brings together some of the presentations (in PDF format) from our conference in Budapest, Hungary in April 2016.

Programme and Abstracts

Advances Towards Prevention, Treatment and Cure (Plenary 1)

Improving Dementia Care Through Research (Plenary 2)

Dementia and Lifestyle Factors (Plenary 3)

The Global Health Agenda (Plenary 4)

What are the Global Numbers of People Living with Dementia? (Plenary 5)

Bringing Research Together (Plenary 6)

New Treatments and Prognosis (Parallel 1)

Law, Ethics and the Rights of People with Dementia (Parallel 2)

Awareness and Stigma 1 (Parallel 3)

Non-Pharmacological Interventions (Parallel 4)

Health Economics and Dementia Policy (Parallel 6)

Dementia Friendly Communities (Parallel 7)

Hospital and End of Life Care (Parallel 8)

Research Participation and Prevalence (Parallel 9)

Action on Dementia Strategies and Policies (Parallel 10)

Education and Training of the Workforce (Parallel 11)

Engaging People with Dementia and Carers (Parallel 12)

Risk Reduction and Risk Factors (Parallel 13)

Differing Aspects of Well-Being (Parallel 14)

Carer Support and Training (Parallel 15)

Awareness and Stigma 2 (Parallel 16)

Diagnosis and Imaging (Parallel 17)

Awareness and Stigma 3 (Parallel 18)

Engaging People with Dementia and Carers 2 (Parallel 19)

Environment, Design and Dementia Friendly Communities (Parallel 20)

10/66 Dementia Research Group: Ageing and Dementia in Low and Middle Income Countries (ADI Workshop)

Dementia Friends and Communities: Past, Present, Future (ADI Workshop)

Human Rights and Dementia - How to Use the Human Rights Agenda (ADI Workshop)

Clinical Trials - Engaging People with Dementia in Research (ADI Workshop)

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