27th International Conference of ADI Presentations

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This page brings together some of the presentations from the conference (in PowerPoint format).

Programme booklet and abstracts downloads:

Plenary sessions

Preparing for the Dementia Epidemic

New Diagnostics / New Lexicon of Alzheimer's Disease

Non-pharmacological Interventions and Ways of Managing Neuropsychiatric Symptoms

Prevention and Risk Reduction

Parellel sessions

Dementia Friendly Communities (parallel session 14)

Diagnosis (parallel session 7)

Imaging and Biomarkers (parallel session 8)

Knowledge Translation (parallel session 20)

Leisure and Meaningful Experiences in Dementia (parallel session 17)

Living with Dementia: Battling for Diagnosis and Treatment (parallel session 3)

Living with Dementia: End of Life Issues (parallel session 21)

Living with Dementia: Life History (parallel session 9)

Living with Dementia: Technology (parallel session 15)

Living with Dementia: This is Me (parallel session 27)

Molecular Research (parallel session 2)

New and Future Treatments (parallel session 1)

Non Pharmacological Interventions (parallel session 22)

Other Dementias (parallel session 19)

Patient and Public Involvement in Dementia Research (parallel session 13)

Person Centred Care I (parallel session 5)

Person Centred Care II (parallel session 23)

Policy Issues (parallel session 25)

Prevention and Risk Reduction (parallel session 26)

Shaping the Image of Dementia Through the Arts (parallel session 28)

Stigma (parallel session 11)

Technology (parallel session 5)

Training and Support of Informal and Professional Carers I (parallel session 16)

Training and Support of Informal and Professional Carers II (parallel session 29)

Quality of Life (parallel session 10)

ADI workshops and satellite symposium

10/66 Dementia Research Group

Implementing the Results of the NCD Summit: Towards a Shift in Health Policy

The Alzheimer Movement: Using Advocacy to Generate Awareness and Change

The Research Agenda for Alzheimer Associations

Working with Volunteers

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