25 years of Alzheimer's Disease International 1984-2009

On 21 October 2009, ADI marked 25 years of hard work, support and bringing people together. The first 25 years saw continuing progress for the worldwide dementia movement, with advances in research and medication and greater recognition from the World Health Organization. For ADI, the first years saw growth in a number of areas: increasing membership of associations from all parts of the world; the launch of very successful advocacy and awareness activities such as World Alzheimer's Day; and the development of support and information programmes, like the Alzheimer University, for ADI members. Here we look at how ADI has developed, changed and grown since its beginnings in 1984.


25 years of ADI members

25 years of conferences

25 years of campaigning

25 years of research

25 years of sharing information

25 years of working with our allies

25 years of making it work




Thank you to Melanie Legg, Shivani Nandi and all of those interviewed in the research for this information. Thanks also to those who have supported and worked with ADI over the past 25 years.

ADI would like to acknowledge the excellent work of Edward Truschke, Tom Ennis and Vince Gillis in the formation and development of the organisation.

ADI would also like to thank MetLife Foundation and Jerome Stone for their generous support of the production of the publication.

To order a copy of the 25 Years of Alzheimer's Disease International 1984-2009 brochure contact ADI.

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